Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amandus Family Pictures!!!

We had a GREAT day Saturday getting family pictures! I just love fall!!! So many to choose from. This was only half of the pictures, so if you want to see more of their adorable faces...I can load 'em up!!! No worries Grandparents, I will get you copies too!! Happy Fall!!!  

 I had to sneak in my love of leaves!! I thought of all the colors and types and thought this would be a great idea. I'm glad we did it!! It turned out lovely!!  I just love seeing the kid's hands. Love it!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

If you haven't seen should!!!


Forever Strong

Fire Proof...get the book too called The Love Dare...AMAZING!!!!

Mighty Macs


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mikey is...

Our little Mikey (aka Luke Skywalker) is all about Star Wars and it shows...he wants nothing but Star Wars stuff...lives it breathes it! Its quite cute!

Northern Cardinal

One benefit of living here in Omaha is hearing the wonderful sound of the Northern Cardinal. When we first moved here, I could here the song from this lovely bird, but it took me a bit to find where it was coming from. Now I can hear them and usually spot where they are calling from. They are a beautiful species and I love to hear them and listen to them. The male and female mate for life, and court each other throughout the season. During this time, the male will feed the female seeds beak to beak...its rather precious to watch.
The male's song is to show his territory to other males and the louder and more intense the call, the closer a predator is coming which warns the female. I have enjoyed watching how they take care of each other throughout the season. Where there is a male, a female is usually close by. We have big mature tree's of all types around our house, so we usually have a lot of activity. Here are some pictures that I took this year after a snow fall. The female came over once and then went back to the nest, but he sat and was posing for me while I snapped pictures inside the house. He was rather lovely. I had to crack the window a bit so I could listen to him sing.
Here is a little clip of what a cardinal sounds like.

She is on the left...notice how her coloring is a lighter red with brown coloring. He is very vibrant red and black making his position known. Much like with other species he draws danger away from the female and the nest.

Here he is...all proud and showing off!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Each holiday comes with a set of memories...Valentine's isn't any different. I remember fondly my mother making up the sugar cookie dough and the special care that she would take with every ingredient that she added to her mixing bowl. I remember fondly the sound of her mixer and knowing that when it stopped it meant that I got to watch her meticulously and effortlessly roll the dough out with perfection. Although she had 6 children, loads of unthinkable amounts of laundry, a house to clean, a job, activities, church calling, food to prepare, and all the other things she did...she made Valentine cookies with love every year. It was amazing to watch her frost each favorite part was my name on my very own cookie. In her hand writing. It was and still is a very special memory for me. As I sit in my own kitchen thinking of my mother, I listen to the familure sound of the mixer whirring and stirring...the same mixer that my mother used, she gave to me. So I couldn't help but think about my mom and all the love she has given and shown to me...that I hope my children will see in me.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mikey's First Day

Preschool is here!!

Mikey has been asking every day if he can go to school. Finally today we were able to say YES buddy, you get to go to school today!! The night before he picked out Buzz and Woody shoes that light and flash. He was so excited about them and couldn't wait to show his sisters. A few weeks previous we found him a shirt and a pair of pants. Mike found him a Transformers backpack that he thought was really cool! He wore it around for days. He had a great first day of school. We adore his two preschool teachers and I love how all three kids have had them. I still can remember my preschool teacher! Anyway, a very happy day for him!

My next post will be about something that Mikey has really gotton into lately. He is infatuated with STAR WARS!! Mike is so proud! Mikey rarely goes by his given name now..he responds and referres to himself as Luke Skywalker. More adventures from "Luke" to come!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kaitlynn's 8th Birthday

Kaitlynn's 8th Birthday! I can hardly believe it! She made the choice to not have friends over this year and instead get one gift from us. She really wanted a DS instead of a friend birthday party, going out to dinner as a family, or lots of little gifts, we combined all that and got her a DS...which she LOVED!!!

Gifts from Papa and Grandma. Her own scriptures, and Willow Tree figurine, and necklace!

Gifts from Ammie--new books, new movie, and a special lamp craft.

Kaitlynn loves to get cards from her grandparents...this card came all the way from California...she had to go put the chain on her backpack! Thank you G&G Amandus!!!!